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Developing countries in South Asia are rapidly growing, specially the RMG export are booming. Entrepreneurs are encouraged by the local authority and buying groups to meet the Electrical compliance as mandatory term to retain their share in international market. International auditors have been engaged by European Union and North America to ensure the compliances. To meet these compliances the attitude has been changed to the techno-group from ‘fluctuating voltage level’ to ‘safe and efficient constant voltage level’. Stakeholders and decision makers consider modern electrical equipment like Type Tested Electrical Panel, Dry type Transformer with on-load tap changer and voltage regulator for automatic voltage regulations.

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    Feedback on Inquire


    Competive sales offer

    We are competative and address your inquires to provide the dependable solution at reasonable cost.

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    Develop Design Architechture


    Develop Design Architechture

    On recieive or order we take final approval of drawing

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    Deliver on Given Time


    Deliver on Given Time

    We deliver what we commit. Our delivery time for HT Voltage regulator is fastest than major competitors.

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    Ensure Support


    We ensure warranty Support

    We ensure manyfacturer warranty support. Also address issues till equipment life-time.